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Northwest Indiana Retirement

Living Options

Pines Village celebrates your lifestyle. You choose the space and lifestyle that works for you, whether you prefer a freestanding or paired home or an easygoing apartment. You may cook for yourself or enjoy our dining services. Drive your own car or take advantage of our transportation services. The Pines Village continuum of service gives you the option of adding personalized assistance as you wish - from cleaning and laundry to assistive home health services.

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The culture here is what drew me. It's one of kindness, of smiles, of recognition.

– Mary Leonard, Pines Village resident

Northwest Indiana Retirement

Home Health Services

As needs and wishes change, Pines Village residents may be interested in adding assistive services for their convenience and comfort. Our professional team works with residents and families to learn what matters most.  Each resident is unique and a package of services will be customized to each individual.

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We so appreciate the caring professionals of the Pines Village staff. Our mother is happy here because everyone on staff works hard to create a positive, active, enriching environment.

– Jerry & Emilie Scott, resident family members

Events & Announcements

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Northwest Indiana Retirement

It's so much easier to live here – to live a little lighter. It's also a beautifully networked community where people look out for each other.

– Jim & Penny Marx, Meridian Woods residents

Northwest Indiana Retirement

Campbell St. Café

Part neighborhood restaurant and part gathering space for older adults, Campbell Street Café is a charming addition to our Meridian Woods community. Pines Village owns and operates Campbell Street Café as a nonprofit organization, generating donations for charities that assist older adults. Become a member at Campbell Street Café and enjoy fitness facilities, enrichment programs, a member newsletter, and a discount on meals.

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The staff is so friendly and helpful, from the CEO to the high school students who work as servers in the dining room— they all treat us like family.

– Mary Ann Smith, Pines Village Resident

Northwest Indiana Retirement

Support Pines Village

We Celebrate Life each day at Pines Village. It truly takes a village to create the unique lifestyle we offer. As a nonprofit organization, we offer many ways for you to make a difference in the lives of others. You can support us through the Good Samaritan Fund, planned giving, or by volunteering your time.

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